Self-adhesive foam

Self-adhesive foam in rectangular strips can be made from:

  • Polyether foam
  • Melamine foam
  • Filter foam
  • PE foam
  • Pu foam
  • PVC foam
  • EVA foam
  • Synthetic foam
  • And PSA hotmelt.

These are light, highly elastic synthetic rubbers. The core of this material is porous like a sponge, has an open-cell structure and a cell-free, smooth and closed outer skin (this is the property that distinguishes “real” foam rubber from “fake” imitations). The outstanding properties of foam rubber include high UV resistance, weather resistance, temperature resistance from approx. -30 to approx. 110 ° C and, last but not least, it is waterproof.

The classic use of foam rubber is processing into cords and profiles for sealing purposes or for vibration and sound-absorbing applications in the automotive and electronics industries. In other cases it can be used as a versatile decorative material and / or the high friction resistance of its surface can be used in other applications (sidewalks, etc.).

With our hot melt adhesives, we offer special self-adhesives for every application, as the adhesive and material properties differ depending on the area of application.