Hot melt adhesives for low application temperatures

At Intercol, we want to earn the trust of our customers. Not only do we win business on the spot, but if necessary, we take the time - through trials and product analyzes, for example - to show and demonstrate to our customers how our unique adhesives can improve product efficiency, reduce production downtimes and lower overall costs.

This was the case with one of our customers for food packaging from Germany, who tested our hot melt adhesive EHM 9860 on one of their systems with a lower volume. After a problem-free demonstration of the adhesive, the customer was so satisfied with the results that he could rely on the adhesive being completely different from his previous one Hot melt adhesive to change and use the EHM 9860 on the other systems. We are now supplying this customer with 150MT hot melt adhesive per year.

Hot melt adhesives for low application temperatures

Carton sealing

EHM 9860 is manufactured in Germany and the Netherlands and is a Packaging quality for low application temperatures with a broad adhesion profile and approval for food packaging. The slightly colored adhesive with good temperature resistance is suitable for a number of applications including box and box sealing and can be used on high-speed lines. EHM 9860 was developed as an alternative to widely used low temperature adhesives in other packaging applications. The customer uses this variety for both the trays that pack their food and their outer shipping crates.

Changing a hot melt adhesive

With Intercol, the Transition from one adhesive to another is seamless and stress-free. In the case of this US food packaging customer, we continuously increased the volume of EHM 9860 over a period of 12 months. During this time, we have not only won the customer's trust, but also shown that our adhesives work across the four seasons.

While not advised, during a follow-up visit the customer announced that there were some instances where they had added EHM 9860 to their hot melt tank in addition to their previous adhesive. There were no problems, but we recommend emptying the tank completely before changing products.

Better prices on hot glue

While the previous adhesive ran sufficiently for this customer, the successful test of EHM 9860 showed how the customer could save money by selling directly with Intercol instead of through a dealer. In addition, it became clear to the customer that our highly qualified team of adhesives experts would give them access to critical knowledge of both the product and the application.

Intercol's range of polyolefin hot melt adhesives forms the backbone and core brand of our hot melt adhesive products across Europe. The clean running polyolefin collection spans multiple product groups and markets from packaging and labeling to woodworking, product assembly and personal care.

Hot melt adhesives made by the customer

If you have problems with your existing adhesive or want to reduce operational downtime and save costs, we are sure we have the ideal adhesive for your application. And in the rare event we don't have it, we have the option to make a brand new adhesive!