Timber industry

Adhesives for the wood and furniture industry

We can work miracles with wood. Intercol uses the best raw materials and most advanced manufacturing processes to create unique, high-performance solutions for wood adhesives.
Clean, easy to use and extremely user-friendly, our wood glues are used worldwide in demanding applications such as precoating, profile wrapping, edge banding, softforming, foam bonding and top lamination. The revolutionary Woodtack series of adhesives can be used with most woodworking machines and offers excellent adhesion to PVC, HPL, solid wood, melamine, wood veneer and other materials, as well as MDF and chipboard.

Profile wrapping

In addition, our other fast-melting, fast-setting wood adhesives are ideal for pre-coating melamine-impregnated papers, veneers, HPL and PVC edges. Our profile wrapping adhesives have been developed for use with wood veneers, paper foils, PVC and high pressure laminates and enable door and door frame manufacturers to manufacture, paint and cure profiles in one efficient operation.

Edge gluing

Intercol also produces technically sophisticated edging adhesives. Proven to withstand 100 ° C temperatures for up to three days without delamination, they are widely used in the global furniture industry.

Special adhesives

Intercol can recommend special adhesives for your application, as well as for foam and fabric adhesives and for leading upholstery and bedding manufacturers. Our range also includes adhesives that are used in the production of all-round drawers and loudspeaker housings, as well as top laminating adhesives that enable the most modern surface finishes.