Intercol has a limited range of styrene-butadiene based adhesives. Due to the price and availability, we are able to develop products based on VAE (vinyl acetate-ethylene) for many applications.

Environmental impact

The environmental impact of styrene-butadiene is significantly higher than the environmental impact of VAE dispersions. Another step is possible at Intercol; adhesives based on biological and plant origin are also possible. Glucose, cellulose, dextrin, potato, wheat and corn starch as well as various additives and raw materials from the food industry can serve as building blocks for an adhesive, a coating or a binding agent.

Development and comocracy

Intercol makes adhesives, and a large part of our right to exist is based on making unique products. A large number of manufacturers, producers and suppliers of full ranges trust and rely on our knowledge, our support and our production.

Depending on your process parameters and other requirements, we can develop a water-based product. As a rule, this is a coating, an adhesive or a binding agent in the most varied of senses. Specifically, our products are even used in

Skin contact like a plaster

As a coating or binding agent on skin or fur
As a binder for insulating materials in the building industry
As a protective layer or binder on agricultural products
Adjustable features
Intercol can fine-tune many functions to best meet the needs of the end application. Important setting parameters can be:

Adhesion to various materials such as cellulosic and non-polar substrates
Open time and drying time
Spray behavior during high pressure spraying
Splash behavior with high-speed roller and wheel bonding
Varying Tg, film formation temperature.
Water resistance
Heat resistance
Fire resistance
UV stability (resistance to yellowing)