Side glue for perfect binding

H4258 is suitable for page gluing in bookbinding. The adhesive has a medium to long open time and good bond strength with different materials. The low viscosity results in a clean machine run.
Special properties of the adhesive:

  • Can be processed cleanly
  • High adhesive strength
  • High initial liability
  • No discoloration

Application via nozzle or wheel

Technical specifications
Composition: Hotmelt based on synthetic polymers
Brookfield viscosity: 2000 mPa.s (160 ° C)
Ball & Ring softening point: 85 ° C
Open time: long
Initial tack: high
Color white
Shape: pillow
Recommended application temperature:
130 ° C - 160 ° C depending on the substrates to be bonded.
15 kg container

H4258-3880 Side glue adhesive hotmelt

H4258-3880 is a high quality hot melt adhesive for side gluing on automatic perfect binders. Secure gluing of envelopes due to a high initial adhesive strength.

  • Working temperature: 150 - 175 ° C
  • smallest order
  • yellowish transparent
  • Disc and nozzle application
  • long open time, semi-pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Pillow dimensions approx. 6.5 x 3 cm