Hot melt glue factory

The Hot melt adhesives Intercol are uniquely designed materials that are ideal for a wide variety of applications that require ease of processing, streamlined manufacturing and / or protection of the end product. High adhesive strength, low application costs and processing reliability form the basis of Intercol adhesives, which are widely used in markets as diverse as electronics, medicine, automotive, furniture or food and beverages.

Manufacture of hot melt adhesives

What are hot melt adhesives?

Hot melt adhesives are solid materials that melt at relatively low temperatures (over 80 ° C) during the application or molding process. As soon as they have cooled down, the materials become solid again and thus ensure cohesion.

Available chemistry platforms for hot melt adhesives

  • Copolymers of hot melt adhesives based on ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • Polyurethane-based hot melt adhesives
  • Polyolefin based hot melt adhesives
  • Hot melt adhesives based on synthetic rubber
  • Amorphous poly-α hot melt adhesives based on olefin
  • Polyamide-based hot melt adhesives
  • Polyester-based hot melt adhesives

How hot melt adhesives are applied

Hot melt adhesives are solid at room temperature and must be melted before use. Several device platforms are available for melting the materials before they are applied to a substrate. Some systems offer dual functions such as melting and molding. After application, the hot melt adhesives cool down at room temperature to fully cure.

Development of hot melt adhesives

Where hot melt adhesives are used

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