Product assembly hot melt adhesives

Hot melt adhesives are available for various applications. The trick is to use an adhesive that will produce the optimal performance for both the machine and the final product. There are a number of options:

  • On the basis of EVA / Polefinen, polyamide and PUR.
  • Used, for example, for cardboard packaging for the agricultural and food sector, consumer packaging and display assembly.
  • Processable in various yield applications. We would be happy to advise you with devices from well-known manufacturers.
  • Available as a stick with a diameter of 12 mm, a cartridge with a diameter of 43 mm, granules and blocks for the self-adhesive types of adhesive.
  • Cold glue (like hot glue)

Appropriate adhesives have been developed for bonding paper and cardboard.

Adhesives can be used to manufacture pipes and corner profiles.

Laminating offset paper on corrugated cardboard and microwave to make displays! Further applications are the production of paper sacks (industrial and consumer bags).

Adhesives for the sandwich panel industry

Due to the constant use of new cover and insulation materials in the market for Sandwich panels this requires a professional and flexible approach. Knowledge that has to be kept up to date at all times. Many product developments form the basis for this. There is an extensive range of one- and two-part PU adhesives, each with a specific application. Adhesives suitable for various covering materials. Whether primed, coated or painted, aluminum / steel / wood / fibreboard / plaster / PVC etc., which should or should not be bonded with core insulation materials such as PUR / PIR / PS / PE and PVC foam. We also do not exclude materials such as rock wool, glass wool and honeycomb. Elastic adhesive seals for bonding corner profiles and plastic parts etc. can also be used as additional products.

Intercol Adhesives not only supplies the adhesive, but also offers expert advice for your production if required. Taking into account the type of adhesive, application method and machine. Our product specialist will be happy to advise and support you. The adhesive can be delivered in 25 kg canisters, 200 liter drums and 1000 kg containers. The adhesive seals can be delivered in 290 ml tubes. And 600 ml of sausages.

Environmental awareness

In order to avoid unnecessary packaging waste, we deliver in reusable drums with inliners and in reusable / swap containers! The presence of solvents is also taken into account, which leads to a healthy workplace and protects the environment. Our challenge is to find an effective adhesive solution together. The goal is to reduce your costs and convert them into benefits.