Sustainable bio-based hot melt adhesives

Intercol has several bio-based hot melt adhesives in its range, 55% of which consists of natural raw materials. For example, it is the EHM 5836. The EHM 5836 is based on a well-known and proven packaging hotmelt in which synthetic raw materials have been replaced by bio-based raw materials. The EHM 5836 is suitable for 95 % of all common packaging machines.

Better sustainable alternatives

If you're not tied to hot melt technology, perhaps one of Intercol's other adhesive technologies can take a leap forward in terms of environmental friendliness. Many water-based adhesives are highly recyclable, starch-based adhesives can even be 100 % bio-based and biodegradable.

Hot melt adhesive packaging

Bio-based (70%) EHM 5836 is a standard hot melt adhesive. Suitable for packaging and a wide variety of substrates; used for forming and sealing bowls.

Growing environmental awareness among consumers, the resulting regulations and the development towards a circular economy that is widespread in various industries are driving the food, paper and packaging industries to improve the sustainability of their products and processes.


  • Consists of 70 % from renewable raw materials
  • Versatile temperature performance: freezing and heating applications.
  • Good thermal stability.
  • no fumes
  • High setting speed

Technical specifications

Composition: Hot melt adhesive based on a synthetic polymer
Brookfield viscosity: 1850 mPa.s (at 160 ° C)
Softening point ball & ring: 110 ° C
Open time: short
Melt tack: Very high
Color: amber
Shape: pellets

Application In EU food packaging

According to the European regulations on food safety in the framework law (1935/2004 / EG) and the plastic implementation measure (PIM, 10/2011 / EG), this adhesive can be used safely in food packaging. It is the duty of the processor to check the food safety of the end products.

Application In US food packaging

Complies with FDA CFR 21§ 175.105 (adhesives).
Processing method:
150 ° C - 170 ° C depending on the substrate to be bonded. Suitable for slot, nozzle or wheel systems.