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Intercol Adhesives is a service company that specializes in (chemical) toll blending. Customers can benefit from Intercol's state-of-the-art production know-how.

Contract manufacturing

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Intercol has more than 40 years of experience in the field of chemical toll blending for well-known chemical companies worldwide. We have a strong focus on delivering the highest quality possible. That is why we are certified according to ISO 9001. Our robust manufacturing system is based on internal and industry best practices (including full batch traceability). Intercol specializes in contract mixing of liquid mixtures.

Contract manufacturing of liquid products - ISO 9001

What is chemical toll mixing?

Contract manufacturing, also known as toll manufacturing, is a service in which the production of chemical mixtures is outsourced to a third party. The contract mixer takes the recipe, raw materials and packaging and converts them into a finished product. Upon request, it can be sent directly to the (end) customer.

Advantages of great blending

Choosing a contract manufacturer has many advantages. By outsourcing your chemical compound production to Intercol, you can produce more cost-effectively and efficiently. Further advantages of contract blending are the pure focus on the core business, the use of Intercol's 40 years of experience, the flexibility of production costs and the reduction of the risks associated with compliance with regulations.

Common reasons for customers who already manufacture their own chemicals to opt for contract blending are, for example: no need to invest in additional production capacity, chemical requirements that are seasonal, or batches that do not fit into their current production schedule. This saves investment costs and time to market. In addition, by using our toll mixing service, companies can easily expand their market capacity geographically and reduce their transport costs and transport time by producing closer to the end customer.


The confidential treatment of business inquiries is part of our service. Before discussing your specifics for a great blending project, an NDA (Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement) is signed by both parties. An NDA guarantees that all confidential and proprietary information is protected. We mix for you on a commission basis, giving you the assurance that your formulation is yours and yours alone.

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Liquid chemical blending
Intercol is able to manage both large production campaigns as well as small pilot batches for testing before production at the customer. Our options include customer-specific chemical mixtures over a wide viscosity and pH range as well as customer-specific mixture dispersions and emulsions.

We can assist you with everything from chemical formulation to our liquid mix services, protecting your intellectual property and other critical interests.

Our liquid mixing services include packaging in a wide variety of packaging such as bulk, barrels, IBCs (tote tanks), cans (buckets) or smaller packaging. Liquid mixtures can be up to twenty-five tons, depending on the bulk density of the product. The mixed products are checked by quality assurance before they are packed and shipped.

We currently perform contract blending and custom chemical production for a variety of industries including agriculture, construction, metalworking, water treatment and industrial cleaning. We manufacture based on the individual requirements and specifications of our customers and can assist in the development of new formulations.

Depending on Intercol for overflow production
In the urgent situation that your order portfolio exceeds current production, outsourcing capacity to Intercol allows you to keep control of labor costs instead of investing in a larger production facility or additional staff. This is particularly interesting in the case of a temporary influx in the store, such as seasonal effects. In such situations, companies can turn to Intercol's mixing and packaging services.

Why should you choose Intercol's Toll Blending Services?
Intercol's production facility is located in Ede (Netherlands) in the so-called Food Valley. A perfect toll location for companies that need to supply chemical products to customers in Europe. We can manufacture and ship products from our facility at a much lower cost than if a customer were to produce in their own factories and ship them over a longer distance.

At Intercol, we offer transport services across Europe, and global shipping is also possible. Further reasons why customers choose Intercol's toll mixing service:

Extensive production options
R&D support
Industry leading quality (ISO 9001)
Focus on customer value creation
REACH knowledge and advice
Numerous (re) packaging options