Hot melts for packaging

Hot melt for packaging

Food packaging hot melt adhesives

Packaging excellent adhesion to carbon / ceramic blocks and end caps. This hot melt adhesive can be used at different line speeds. Excellent balance between cohesion / adhesion, flexibility of the glue line. Our Futura hot melt adhesives offer good heat resistance. Our hotmelts for product assembly offer better adhesion to fiberglass or polyester-like substrates. Futura 51 is a fast-setting and sticky hotmelt with high adhesive strength. It was developed for bonding difficult coated surfaces, has no odor, excellent heat stability and excellent heat and freezing resistance. Water-white, heat-activated EVA hotmelt for gluing filter pleats uses hotmelt to maintain a separation distance (spacers or pleats). Applications (e.g. tapes, labels).

Good adhesion to plastics

Good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including plastics such as PP, PE and PET) ”. A versatile can labeling quality that is also great when warm / hot wrapped materials, including pre-applied heat seals. Provides excellent adhesion on difficult surfaces. Excellent resistance to cold. foam-in-place seal for filter application, saving of hotmelt through foam structure with density reduction levels of> 60% hotmelt adhesive for difficult substrates. It has a medium open time and adheres to a wide variety of coated and uncoated substrates. Most of our hotmelts are approved for indirect or incidental contact with food. Consumer packaging hot melt adhesive (HMA) "EHM 5492 PSA hot melt adhesive is designed for use in pre-applied systems.