Cavity wall insulation

A strong, permanent bond with no solvents.

Intercol supplies a wide range of adhesives for the construction industry, including harmless adhesives for the post-insulation of residential buildings. Our adhesives find their way to the consumer via industrial processors and manufacturers of building materials.

Strong and permanent bond without solvents.
intercol produces binders for bonding four different insulation materials, such as cellulose, mineral wool, coconut and other vegetable materials, EPS beads, foams and flakes for cavity wall insulation (secondary insulation).

We supply these binders to leading manufacturers, construction companies, insulation companies and distributors across Europe.

Depending on the application, summer and winter can be developed on the basis of high-quality copolymers (dispersion adhesives). It is our aim to develop them free of solvents and plasticizers.

Due to the pH-neutral composition, metal parts such as cavity dowels are not attacked (do not rust, adjusted to be rustproof). The adhesives and binders result in a firm, elastic and, if desired, vapor-permeable, waterproof and permanent connection. Intercol's adhesives are mostly almost odorless and safe for people and the environment.

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