Pressure sensitive adhesives

Intercol has developed advanced self-adhesive and heat activated adhesive coatings that have proven themselves in countless processing applications.

Self-adhesive labels

Our hot melt adhesives (PSAs) have been specially developed to achieve exceptional performance on self-adhesive labels. This enables you to reliably stick paper, metal foil, plastic film, fabric and non-woven labels securely to glass, paper, cardboard, metal and ceramic surfaces. That means they can be relied on to achieve the balance of shear, peel and stickiness required for the particular application.

Pressure sensitive adhesives for shipping packaging

Self-adhesive coatings

Hot melt adhesives for self-adhesive coatings are now an essential part of the production of adhesive tapes, plastic plates, bags and Envelope seals to insect traps. We also make “dry peel” adhesives that are designed so that layered labels can be easily removed from the packaging without damaging the base label underneath.

In addition, our processing expertise extends to heat-activated hot melt adhesives for coatings and laminations. These products are commonly used in the fields
"Dry peel" hot-melt, shoes, bags, sacks and bow ties, adhesive tape used.