Hot melt adhesives production

December 3, 2019

Hot melt adhesives offer customers in all industries unique, versatile and high-performance solutions.

Special adhesives for industrial applications

As specially formulated preparations, hot melt adhesives can be adapted so that they adhere strongly to most materials such as metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, leather, fabric and foam. In contrast to less advanced adhesives, hotmelts can also be used safely on hot, cold or wet surfaces.

Advantages of hot melt adhesives

This unmatched versatility has made them the adhesives of choice in a wide variety of markets, from packaging to labeling and woodworking to product assembly, bookbinding and finishing. In addition, hotmelts offer a number of clear economic advantages. They are harmless, have little odor and are 100% solid before use, which makes them clean and safe to use. Where multiple adhesives can currently be used, they can often be replaced by a hot melt adhesive to save time and money.
Tailor-made and tailor-made adhesives for every application ... ..

Tailor-made hot melt adhesives

As one of the leading European manufacturers, we offer a wide range of hotmelt pastilles, prills, blocks and barrels. Hotmelts can also be delivered in our easy-to-use Blocks & MiniBlocks, which can be used without unpacking. In addition, our unique research and development capabilities enable us to develop and supply bespoke and bespoke hot melt adhesives for any application.