Specialist in PVA / PVOH mixtures

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA, sometimes called PVOH is a water-soluble polymer that is widely used in adhesives, paints, sealants, coatings, textiles, plastics, etc. The polymer is usually supplied in powder form and several grades are available with different viscosity and solubility properties.

It is not to be confused with polyvinyl acetate, also known as PVA (sometimes PVAc), which is insoluble in water. These PVAc emulsions are also used for adhesives, paints and various coatings, but are mostly supplied in a liquid state

Dissolve PVA in water

PVA is soluble in hot and cold water. A solution is typically made as follows: the powder is slowly added to the cold water and the water is heated. This process has specific parameters for certain mixtures.

Special PVA mixers

When using conventional mixers and agitators, problems can arise such as PVA does not dissolve in water
-PVA decomposes due to the high temperature
-Aer is mixed into the liquid
-The process takes a long time

Mixing units for PVOH, PVA, PVAc, EVOH

Mixing plants

Thanks to Intercol's advanced blending equipment and expertise in PVA blends and additives, we can help you develop your ready-to-use PVA product. We have a great deal of experience mixing PVA with:

  • Antioxidants
  • Fillers
  • Dyes
  • Adhesion promoters
  • Strength
  • Dispersions
  • Homopolymers, PVAC
  • EVOH
Mixing of water-based products at Intercol