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scope of application

Among other things, this hot melt adhesive is suitable for use in “product assembly”.

This hot melt adhesive is a very cohesive hot melt adhesive, which is mainly used for various industrial applications: Bonding of PP / PE - PP / polyamide - PP / polyester - PE / PE and foam Assembly of various objects for luxury items (e.g. caps on cosmetic bottles)

Materials: Suitable for bonding textiles, fleece, paper, cardboard and plastics, for example.
Application: Suitable for nozzle and roller systems.
Application at: 160 - 180 ° C
Special features: high wet tack and large area of adhesion.

Specific properties

Composition: adhesive based on an EVA polymer.
Brookfield viscosity: 4500 mPas (RVT; spindle 27; 20 rpm; 160 ° C)
Ring & Ball: 90 ° C
Open time: medium-long.
Melted Tack: High.
Color: light amber.
Packaging: PRILLS: box 12 KG

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Application: Suitable for roller, cliché systems and flat heads.
Application at: 160 ° C

Particularities :

High thermal stability.
Not steamy
Minimal tendency to crack
Low odor
Good workmanship
Broad range of liability.

Specific properties:

Composition: Adhesive based on a polyolefin polymer.
Brookfield viscosity: 2100mPas (RVT; spindle 27; 20 rpm; 160 ° C)
Ring & Ball: 112 ° C
Open time: medium.
Melted tack: medium.
Color white.


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