Polyolefin hot melt adhesives

Polyolefin hot melt adhesives, also known as PO hot melt adhesives, are mostly thermostable (non-charring, non-charring, non-smoking) versions of cheaper and most commonly used EVA hot melt adhesives, for example for food packaging. You can usually recognize polyolefin hot melt adhesives by their white color and the water-clear, completely transparent liquid in the hot pot (melting tank). In addition, polyolefinically formulated hot melt adhesives are known for their improved adhesion to plastic materials and coated or varnished cardboard.

Formulation of hot melt adhesives

Intercol is able to offer several solutions based on EVA, polyolefin, PO, metallocene or most other thermoplastic materials. Hot melt adhesives are usually a mixture of three main raw materials:

  • A base polymer (EVA, polyolefin, etc.)
  • A tackifying resin
  • wax

In addition to formulating our own products, we can also offer private label hot melt adhesives or contract blends.

Metallocene is one of the formulation options for base polymer adhesives.

thermoplastic hot melt adhesives

Basically, a hot melt adhesive is just a thermoplastic product (it melts when it gets hot) that has good tack and adhesive properties. To ensure quick setting (quick drying) and a reliable connection.