Pallet stabilization with anti-slip adhesive

The traditional method of stabilizing pallets, e.g. B. with cardboard interlayers and plastic film is out of date and undesirable. A lot of material is thrown away after unpacking and is waste! All of this pollutes the environment and is expensive.

Pallet stabilization with AntiSlip Hot Melt combines existing processes. By using this method, it is possible to drastically reduce the need to wrap pallets with plastic wrap or, depending on the weight of the boxes, to do without it altogether.

With AntiSlip Hot Melt, strips or spirals of hot glue are applied directly to the packaging unit, e.g. B. outer boxes applied. This ensures that the devices are firmly attached, but can also be easily removed without tearing the boxes.

If necessary, 1 layer of film can be placed around it, if at all, that is still a 80%ige reduction in the required film!