Installation glue

In our business, invisible connections are often the best way. Our customers don't just want strong adhesives - they also want adhesives that don't show up.

Glue faster and more precisely

Hot melt adhesives enable manufacturers to improve product quality and aesthetic appearance by ensuring a secure bond without nails, screws, and other fasteners that can be unsightly and expensive to assemble.

Assembly adhesive application with PUR hotmelt

Application examples

Our range of adhesives is used by the automotive industry to bond foams, acoustic composites, siding, headlining components and other sub-assembly products. We have also successfully developed hot melt adhesives for a myriad of performance critical applications in the global telecommunications cable market.

The bonding of plastics, partition walls, insulation and anti-heave products is one of the versatile applications of hot melt adhesives in civil engineering. In the white goods and electrical appliance industries, we've formulated adhesives to seal plug holes and hold control panels, hot air conveyors, and gaskets firmly in place, while traditional filter manufacturing processes have been rewritten with the elimination of mechanical fasteners.

Solvent free

As these are non-toxic hot melt adhesives, they are also replacing solvent-based adhesives in the manufacture of mattresses, seats and furniture and are increasingly being used to manufacture seals on site for significant time and cost savings.

Standard assembly hot melt adhesives

We offer standard adhesives for product assembly for the following areas:

  • Automotive
  • Civil engineering
  • Household appliances and electronics
  • Filter production
  • Mattresses
Assembly adhesive hot melt adhesives