Intercol offers a range of adhesives for different Valco Melton Adhesive systems.

Cold glue valves of the 524 series and BoardRunner® contact glue station
For contact nozzles, our range of VA 762 adhesives for standard applications, VA 517 for coated cardboard, VA 611 for laminated cardboard.

3NC three-valve, contactless glue station
Intercol has a special range of adhesives for non-contact glues, e.g. for side seam bonding on inliner flexo folding machines.

VA 515 series for standard applications
VA 898 series for coated cardboard boxes
VA 623 series for laminated cardboard boxes
VA 906 series for fast-setting, short-compressing bonds with high loads
VA 620 series for waterproof PE bonds
VA 284 series for waterproof bonds
Clear vision detection
For the Clear Vision System, Intercol can offer a standard detectable UV adhesive as well as a new food-safe UV detectable adhesive