Sanitary adhesives

The market for hygiene adhesives is the largest area in the world for the use of hot melt adhesives. All of the disposable hygiene products they use in their design and application processes so the adhesive plays an important role in the performance of the final products. Our hot melt adhesives are practical, sustainable and able to serve this diverse and demanding market.

Gluing nonwovens

We offer innovation and technical excellence with our products, and the hygiene adhesives product line includes hot melt adhesives that have been developed for the use of permanently adhesive nonwovens, such as those found in feminine hygiene or in diaper construction.

Sanitary adhesives

Feminine hygiene and diaper construction

The range also includes products that have been developed to join elastic strands with nonwovens to produce elastic leg cuffs. The range includes products for the self-adhesive positioning strips on feminine hygiene and other similar products for fixing the product.