Hot melt adhesives

Hot melt is a Hot melt adhesive, which is also known as a hot melt and heat seal adhesive. The adhesive consists of a fusible plastic, the best known are the thermoplastics, which are often sold as granules, which can be pearls and granules. There are also 200 liter melt barrels for PSA hot melt adhesives, which are also sold in blocks of approx. 1 kg, other, unusual packaging forms are available.

Hot melt does not contain any solvents

The hotmelt combines quickly due to the rapid cooling. Hotmelts are usually applied at around 160 degrees Celsius. Hot melt adhesives do not contain any solvents.

PUR hot melt adhesives

There are also thermosetting hot melt adhesives, these are mostly reactive polyurethanes. These PUR hot melt adhesives are packed in airtight containers, usually 200 liter drums. After application and cooling, as with an ordinary hotmelt, a crosslinking process begins, which ensures greater cohesion and adhesion of the adhesive.