Filter manufacture


Filter manufacture

Intercols has a special range of hot melt adhesives to help our customers increase the efficiency of traditional filter manufacturing.

Our hot melt filter adhesives are diverse, reliable and extremely easy to use, our hot melt adhesives have helped filter manufacturers around the world improve production line efficiency. They offer exceptionally strong adhesion and have been used to reduce assembly times and speed up production by successfully replacing mechanical fasteners.

In addition, HMA's are becoming increasingly popular in specialty applications such as end caps and pleats, where they bond securely to nonwovens, metals, and plastics.

Filter pleating and filter sealing

Our standard program offers a comprehensive and market-proven range of adhesives for the filter industry. Whether filter fold / distance, filter bag, filter bag, etc.
Seal or filter housings, we have tailor-made products for these applications. By using the best product, we offer the potential cost savings and services that we offer.
can offer your manufacturing processes. As a leading manufacturer of hot melt adhesives and water-based adhesives with the unique ability to develop high-quality adhesives for specific customer requirements.