Moisture-resistant packaging

Moisture Resistant Packaging for Flower Mailers, which operates in many markets and applicationsInnovative Adhesive Products and SolutionsProtect Your Packaging Get your corrugated cardboard packaging to withstand harsh conditions

Parcel box shipping

With the increasing trend towards online shopping, the quality of packaging is becoming more and more important for consumers and retailers. Consumers want their purchases to be in top condition upon arrival. However, the harsh supply chain can make it difficult for products to arrive safely and for the aesthetics of the packaging to be preserved. To create an excellent unboxing experience, you need a combination of the right packaging and filling that best protects the product and delights people. More about Parcel box dispatch ...

Flower packaging

The e-commerce flower industry is expanding, and the way fresh flowers are packaged is critical to the overall success of these companies. Packaging methods can increase or decrease the shelf life of the flowers in the vase. Intercol adhesives recognized the needs of the online flower industry and developed starch additives to address those needs.

Online food packaging

The supply chain for fresh fruit and vegetables is a challenge because they have to withstand long transport routes in extreme heat. As more consumers buy their groceries online, retailers need to decide how to transport the products so that they stay safe and fresh. It is critical to the e-commerce shopping experience that fruits and vegetables are not withered, bruised, or discolored when they reach the consumer. Intercol's adhesives strengthen corrugated cardboard packaging so the packaging can withstand a wide variety of conditions including rain, snow and moisture, making the products safe when stored outside of the home.

Packaging for consumers

Consumer satisfaction during the unboxing experience is a top priority for e-commerce retailers. Many people buy groceries and other housewares online, which presents grocers with the challenge of maintaining the freshness of groceries during delivery. The increase in this trend began in earnest during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As the world moves on, many consumers will continue to rely on the convenience of online shopping, which creates an ongoing need for it to be efficient, protective, and moisture-proof Creates packaging made of corrugated cardboard.