Labeling adhesives

Proven, tested and trusted in even the toughest labeling applications, we make unrivaled high quality adhesives for pick and lap, vertical and continuous applications, and tamper evident applications. Every day, our hot melt adhesives are used by leading manufacturers of bottle, can and glass packaging around the world.

Special adhesives

Our labeling adhesives offer excellent adhesion and are ideal for labeling many products. They combine high melt adhesion with a long open time and are also ideal for wet glass and PET cold bottles. In addition, PET bottles that expand after being filled with carbonated beverages can be safely labeled. Here, our adhesives either slide to absorb stretch and at the same time adhere the label securely, or they allow the label to stretch (OPP labels) in order to avoid unsightly sticky joints. We also make adhesives for shrinkable plastic bottles that can be used to safely heat shrink labels after application.

Roll and magazine fed labels

Our hot-melt adhesive formulations for labeling are suitable for wet and cold bottles on both roll and magazine feeds or for hot and dry cans and glasses up to 85 ° C. These can typically include canned foods, vegetables, fruits, pet foods, and other products that are boiled or sterilized in their containers prior to labeling. Spray adhesives now make it possible to apply labels to over 1,000 containers per minute while keeping the machines clean and free from thread formation and overspray. This is in addition to the consumption savings and other benefits.

Environmentally friendly improvements

With the environment in mind, our alkali dispersible adhesives can be removed quickly to aid in bottle recycling and refilling. In addition, hot melts can be supplied in our revolutionary fusible film blocks to avoid unpacking and waste on site.

We have labeling adhesives for the following applications:

  • Wet glass
  • PET & PE
  • Shrinkable plastic bottles
  • Wet and cold bottles
  • Hot and dry cans / glasses
  • Washable with alkali