Book binding glue

The book binding adhesive was made from high-quality raw materials and an advanced manufacturing process and offers excellent lateral tensile strength and secure adhesion across all materials, from newsprint to high-gloss and coated papers. Our hot melt adhesives are also compatible with fast or slow running machines.

Back and side adhesive

Our range of bookbinding adhesives offers a large number of other quality-assured products that offer strong adhesion and high lateral tensile strength and at the same time enable safe and smear-free cutting inline. Side tack adhesives can be supplied for most binding machines and, in turn, provide an application that can be precisely applied and neatly trimmed. Permanent and removable adhesives are now produced for the manufacture of tip-ins. These offer customers the option of sticking cards, coins and bags on all paper and covering the inventory without staining or cracking.

Complett range

Our high-quality hot melt adhesives offer peelable adhesion for all tip-in requirements. They allow cards, coins and a range of pouches to be securely bonded to a wide variety of paper and cardboard materials, eliminating the risk of stains and tears that can occur with less advanced adhesives.


As a manufacturer of value-adding adhesives, we have developed hot melt adhesives that are easy to remove to meet the growing need for printing and paper recycling. In addition, we have the know-how to work with our customers to replace several adhesives with individual, advanced hotmelt products.

Bookbinding adhesives